Tuesday, May 7, 2013

dear hobson three,

i remember what i was doing at this very time last week.
last week, however, feels like an eternity ago.
i had a different room,
a different schedule,
a different school,
and most of all, i lived with you girls.
so, here's to you, every last one of you beautiful
people that lived on the third floor of hobson,

abby & kalina
elisa & mandy,
kendall & annette,
hannah & sarah,
lauryn & sara,
aleassa & brenda,
lauren & izzy,
ally & courtney,
rachel & christina,
simon, miko & cherry,
abby & megan,
jenna & katie,
my roommate, angelique,
and our floors wonderful RA, megan.

i don't quite know where to begin,
and i don't even know which of you, if any, will read this.
but i have so much to say to all of you, though to some more than others.

allow me to first say how blessed i was to have been given this floor.
no, i don't just say this because i got lucky and i'm just trying to add extravagance to my gratuity.
i am actually overwhelmingly blessed to have met each of you.
i look back on this time last year and it amazes me that i couldn't think any of you up.
i used to try and come up with names and faces of all the people i would eventually live with.
let's just say that you all surpassed the ideas i had concocted in my head.

remember our very first time meeting?
you were all sitting in a circle on the first floor of hoover and angelique and i arrived late.
i can recall looking around the large circle of unfamiliar faces,
though most of you were blurry due to the fact that i probably wasn't wearing glasses.
nonetheless, i remember all of you at the hoedown a few days later.
i was scared as hell and couldn't imagine living months and months with strangers.
little did we know how fortunate we would be.
i think that the awkward-move-in/first-time-at-college phase ended quickly,
because before i knew it i felt at ease.

i could say things to each of you on here but it would take too long and i
would probably begin to cry and i'm not in the proper setting to begin crying right now.
anyhoo, i've been away from all of you for three whole days.
three. that's it.
part of me feels as though it's been three months. it feels long.
and i miss you all.

i know that i wasn't very close with all of you...we all had our little groups
on and off of the floor, but i would just like to say that i treasured each of you in some way or another.

i had the privilege of watching you all grow,
some of you grew in ways that inspire me.
i had the honor of holding some hands when one of you fell,
and i had the blessing of being held if times felt too difficult.

thank you for everything.
i wouldn't have wanted any other floor for my freshmen year of college.
and i wish each of you the best in life.
you are all so beautiful,
and i will forever hold you near and dear to my heart, truly.
thank you for this past school year,
and good luck in the years to come.
i cannot wait until us hob three girls get married, start careers and have babies.
i want to hear about all of it!

i love you all.
and i can't close this post without saying the biggest thank you to my RA, megan.

dear megan,

you are one of the most beautiful people i have ever met, inside and out.
thank you for always being so selfless, compassionate, and caring.
i look up to you in so many ways,
not having you in my life is the biggest bummer.
thank you for always having a door open, and for listening when i needed it most.
you are so wonderful, friend.
i love you so much, and i am so proud of you for everything you've accomplished.

i love all of you crazy girls.


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