Sunday, May 12, 2013

i believe that my mom is the best mom.

i believe that all stories deserve to be told.

i believe that wishes are meant to be wished, and promises meant to be kept.

i believe in singing loud & singing a lot.

i believe in dancing as though no one else were in the room. even if i'm not good. at all.

i believe that sunday mornings are best spent in the company of those who believe as you do.

i believe that patience on god is stronger and more rewarding than anything else in the world.

i believe that second chances are necessary.

i believe that forgiveness is medicine for the soul.

i believe that kissing is the best pastime.

i believe that frank sinatra should be played at any and every special occasion.

i believe that vinyl beats pandora, any day.

i believe that writing is the greatest talent/hobby/activity {whatever}. ever.

i believe that typewriters add an extra sparkle to any tale.

i believe that the west coast is the greatest place to ever live within.

i believe that fashion can solve a multitude of problems. it can. i promise.

i believe that the minute you stop dreaming, you stop living.

i believe that things are finally where they need to be. {i'm dreaming bigger}
nothing is perfect, but i've learned to want anything but perfect.
today i learned how to maintain my poise...and i actually was able to do just that.
and the entire time i did so i recited the names of all those i came to love at fox...
you know, all the wonderful individuals who told me i could.
i said their names in my head and in the end, everything was just fine.

i'm ready to belong down in irvine.
but for now i am fully content with going with the flow of life right here where i sit.
i believe that everything is okay. it always is & it always will be.
even when life says it isn't. because life is silly and full of big, unnecessary opinions.


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