Tuesday, May 21, 2013

missing in action for quite some time.

sorry i have been off of this thing for a bit!
i've just been busy with life and enjoying every moment
of spending my time with family.

i've been meaning to post pictures of my last day on my floor
and will hopefully do that soon.
anyhoo, i've been writing again! for my book, anyways,
and i must admit that i am falling in love with my lead character, daniel.

i guess it's because you spend so much time developing the background
and characteristics of your, well, characters, that you find yourself in a bit
of a friendship with them. on paper and strictly in words, of course! {haha}.

i really hope to one day finish this story and possibly publish something at some point
in my life. the story i'm telling is, what i believe to be, a great one worth telling.
though i am completely and utterly biased ;)

anyways, it's another busy week and i am excited to see friends and family throughout these
next few days. but before i go i must mention that yesterday, YESTERDAY, marked the one year birthday of this little blog.
can you believe it?! where has time gone!

i thought i would share the links of those first few posts on here.
i never in a million years would have thought that i'd keep this little blog around
for a year. who knows how long it will keep going.

all i know is that reading through old posts leaves me feeling blessed and satisfied.

i hope that you all have a beautiful tuesday & here are the links below!:

-first post.
-when i thought i'd live in oregon for four years
-when my favorite place was barnes & noble {okay, it still is!}
-when i became a nanny
-when i gained my voice of honesty {right at the beginning, typical me;) }

the end.

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