Thursday, May 2, 2013

n i g h t .

i had the oddest dreams last night.
some of them were of home.
people from before were in it too.
and then i was in san francisco where i found myself saying to my dad,
"i never want to leave," to which he replied, "me either."

anyhow, i woke up and realized that i only have one night left in this little dorm room
and i'm feeling rather nostalgic.
i love each of the girls {and potentially plan on writing about them here}.

mom and dad should be making their way up to oregon later today.
i can't believe this is all happening.
only two classes stand between me and summer/romania/concordia/sophomore year.
these next few months have so much in store that i can hardly comprehend any of it.

well, class will be starting soon and i need to make the absolute most out of my
v e r y  l a s t  d a y  l i v i n g  i n  n e w b e r g  o r e g o n .


p.s here's an image i love because i woke up and had honey & the moon in my head.

let's go to greece some day, shall we?

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