Monday, May 27, 2013

what i've been up to lately.

if you haven't been able to tell, 
lately i've found myself in a complete state of writer's block here on the blog.
however, on paper i have been writing a story and i've also been reading like a mad woman.
i find myself so consumed with words lately that i'm practically jumping out of my socks
in excitement to major in english and writing, therefore automatically filling my academic days with words and ideas and writers and inspiration.

i can smell the grammar now ;)

anyways, for some time now i've been thinking about sharing little pieces, here and there, of what i write when i'm writing somewhere other than here.
writing is extremely personal to me which is why i like to keep things on here as light as possible.
nonetheless, it's also my blog and that allows me to post whatever the hell i want.
so i thought i'd share a poem that i wrote some time back.
it's personal, but because it isn't something i just wrote, it no longer has any relevance to me
so i feel more comfortable sharing it.

i hope you enjoy.
i wrote this poem one afternoon because i had something
to say but was in a place of absolute frustration and i didn't even know why.
so when i allowed myself to stop what i was doing and spit the words out onto paper,
this is exactly what i got.

The Absence of You

And here I lay,
 Forever in the absence of you.

You and your words,
 Words of anger that manifest within my mind.

Springtime has come 'round again,
 And the memory of you drifts through the breeze and is reflected by the sun.

I occasionally lay there in bed,
 And I imagine myself rolling over and nestling into your side.

I can smell you if I'd like,
 the taste of smoke that followed you through the door.

And I lay there in bed and I am alone.
 Though your ugly words are a stream of consciousness running through my mind.

The memory of you is hollow
 and unwanted.

My fingers trace the cold sheets, anyways, where your body would have rested.
 And I think of what I would whisper in your ear.

Perhaps I would wake you,
 "Good morning" I'd say.
And in response you would reply,
 "Yes, it is a new day."

Spring time is here.
 But we have been through each season once around.

With each new day, I sleep alone and wake to realize that everything but those changing seasons and   that gripping feeling is new.

Life will always be this way:
 forever in the absence of you. 

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