Monday, May 13, 2013

what oregon taught me.

so in oregon i was always referencing things from california because
californian things were all that i had ever known.
now that i know two totally different places, i find myself not referencing what i
adapted to in oregon, but actually acting/thinking/feeling differently about everything here.

one year of college works wonders on a person, let me tell you.
and i kind of love the change.

1. i now have to learn how to fill my car with gas because i've never done it. well, i did once as practice during my roadrunner course...but that was when i was fifteen. i never learned last summer because i expected to live in oregon for four years: a magical place where it is illegal to pump gas.

2. no-sales-tax makes a huge difference. i'm shocked every time i buy something. i don't think i'll ever shake it.

3. chapters coffee will forever be missed by this girl. i love you, starbucks, but you just don't do a chai like chapters does.

4. i keep wanting to wear flannels...oregon changed my style and i refuse to ever adapt to whatever the style is in orange county. i will wear my flannels and my pair of converse proudly!

5. i see people around town and suddenly a name from someone in oregon comes to mind. it's the weirdest feeling, ever.

6. i used to complain about not having much to do because here at home i was always busy, but now i find myself so content with just being alone. i actually love it and am avoiding all high school friends. seriously.

7. when people say "it's cold out" and it's like 65 degrees, i love that i've experienced a whole other level of cold that i can say "this is nothing" ;)

8. people in oregon smile. a lot. and when i say "people" i'm mostly referring to those whom i met at fox, but regardless, i do believe that oregonians have more hospitality and consideration than californians.

9. i see the signs pointing south that read "los angeles" and i always say, "i loved when they read portland!"

10. i have counted five oregon license plates since being home. i'm such a freak but i must admit that i try my best to drive along side them just so i can smile. i guess i think that by me smiling i'm saying "i lived in your state!" i know, i know, it's a bit stalker-ish. but those little trees on the plates are just too cute.

there's a comfort and an invincibility that the thought of this place brings me. and i mean it when i say that i'm not done up there in that rainy place. god's always got his plans and his humor and purposes are astounding.

for now, lots of love from over here in my quiet little corner.
i'm about to eat some cake and go to sleep.
these spring/summer nights are just the bees-knees right now.

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