Saturday, June 1, 2013

i spent my morning at the flee market,

and as my mom and i were walking through the aisles of vendors,
and as i talked on and on about something,
mom suddenly laughed and said "that looks like something you'd decorate your child's room with."

i quickly glanced over to see a vendor spot filled with such whimsical and quirky designs.
i was drawn to the art, while mom was drawn to the handmade characters.
everything was colorful, and some of it was downright hilarious and totally not appropriate for a nursery. though i'd fill my nursery with the characters and art pieces any day.

being the broke college student that i am, i'll have to wait a bit to purchase
pieces off of etsy, but mom kindly picked a "monster" character out for me
and purchased it for my dorm.

it's weird and adorable,
and i don't care if i go back to college with
a stuffed doll that looks like it walked right out of a tim burton film.
and, yes, i will save it for a child of mine one day ;)

you can find their adorable site HERE
below are my favorites!


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