Saturday, June 8, 2013


i've been throwing up lots of words onto paper lately,
i think much of it has to do with change and
with my nerves for the coming change.
none of it is negative, but it's all somewhat frightening, nonetheless.

anyways, i wrote this tonight because i couldn't slow my thoughts
or clear my head. it's rough and i don't really know if i like it
but i don't have a pen and paper so i'll just record it here.

{six days 'til romania, my oh my i can't believe it.}


I am the wandering girl,
You are the winding road, which I walk on.

You are the bottle filled with spirits,
I am the shattered glass from the fight.

I am the flower that slowly grows through the seasons,
You are the ignorant person who comes along and breaks my stem.

You are the voice that booms within my ears,
I am the sound of whispers.

I am the prime of youth,
You are the thief of the age of innocence.

You are the dreamer of stars and far away places,
I am the adventurer who counts them and seeks them.

I am the future I have always dreamt of,
You are the forever past –
And irrelevant.

I am the weakening legs of uncertainty,
You are the thick and compressed concrete
That directs and supports my aching, sprinting feet.

You are the one to always stay,
I am the forever runaway.

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  1. This is beautiful. I really like it!

    1. Thank you:)

      how is packing for Africa? My packing for Europe = zero D:

  2. I really like how you write. It seems like you're kinda transcribing your thoughts into words, rather than going out of your way to make it eloquent. It's fluid, not forced.

    What sorta stuff have you been throwing down on paper? Any particular genre?