Tuesday, June 11, 2013

tuesday before romania,

let's just say i haven't felt this nervous/excited since i moved away to college.
to know that this time next week i will be in a foreign country blows my mind.
it's scary and exciting and overwhelming.

i can slowly feel myself losing control of my near-future-situation.
i'm a control freak over my entire life...
i love lists and planning and routine.
romania isn't going to consist of much of that,
and i NEED to learn to be content with this kind of reality because
life is so unpredictable.

my suitcase is nearly packed and it's all so minimal.
my flights are almost all in order,
and i think i have a reasonable adaptor.

let's just do this thing already because the suspense is killing me!


  1. Since I know you're an avid bookworm, I'd recommend reading the book "Compassion" by Henri J. Nouwen on the plan if you have the chance to pick it up sometime before you leave! :)