Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a long lost letter.

dear irvine,
i am more than ready to call you home.

dear new shirt,
i love you, not only because you have a unicorn on yourself (because who doesn't want that?!) but because you are so comfortable.

dear library,
stop calling me about alllll of the books i need to pick up.
i haven't even touched a clockwork orange yet.

dear bachelorette,
brooks left AND you're making me wait one more week for the finale?!
this is a major first world problem.

dear boy that i just met,
if you're reading this, please don't judge me:)

dear arcade fire,
if the rumors are true about your new album, please please please go to coachella next year.

dear vampire weekend,
that goes for you too.

dear old man that i flipped off the other day,
i'm sorry i gave you the bird, but you were terribly rude and i couldn't believe how abrupt you were.
and your face was priceless when you realized that my middle finger was pointed in your direction. i'm working on the profanity, i really am.

dear house that was supposed to be mine,
i'm sorry for what the new owners have done to you. i promise that i had much better plans for you!

dear corinna,
let me come along to uganda next time.

dear self,
please stop staying up late texting that boy you met the other day? you're starting to become much too lazy during the day :)

the end.

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  1. You can definitely come to Uganda with me next time I go! They would love to have you. :)