Wednesday, July 10, 2013

i have found the thing & a place which my soul loves.

it was love at first sight with bucharest.
the morning sun burned my skin easily and the city air was suffocating.
the buildings that walled me against the street were tagged with colorful graffiti,
and the cars stormed by.
people looked different than they do here at home. women are strikingly beautiful: european.
men are handsome and fashionable.
"bucharest is one big contradiction" i wrote that first night.
people, dressed up fashionably, contradict the aged communist uniform of the surrounding infrastructures.
apartments contradict one another: french style vs. communist style.
the feel of the whole place is one big contradiction, as well: westernization vs. the remnants of a corrupted government.
it is all beautiful, nonetheless. all of it.

chisinau, moldova frightened me initially.
it was even more foreign than romania.
but the streets were green and beautiful with trees aligning either side
of the road, stretching and touching above.
the buildings are just as old as those in bucharest, and a sense of communism exists;
though moldova tasted different.
it took me just a bit to realize the taste: russian.
the entire country tells it's own story
and it made me want to listen.
i wanted to hear the voices that find themselves past the ends of the roads,
tucked deep in alley ways,
and buried beneath the floorboards of apartments.

galati is entirely its own:
a city that turns away from the truths of the valley.
galati feels old and worn.
i recall driving into the city and feeling so small within it.
however, the following day i had found my place and in my place
i felt comfort.
in my place i felt an odd sense of familiarity.
the cobblestone streets spanned out before me each morning and evening.
children stood in their doorways to bid me "ce faci!"
the days were long, but they were good
and they left me feeling content and productive.

this trip brought so much healing and growth to my life.
in all honesty, upon my arrival i had major doubts concerning the
significance of my trip. however, after several days had passed, it
became apparent that god was at work. his works were small, but they
were great.
in the first week i met a little girl who i became absolutely smitten with.
she is nine {though much smaller for her age}, she had crazy "hermione" hair,
nearly blonde with crazy colored eyes. she had wit and attitude that caused her to
be well beyond her years.
it was at a summer camp that we met and it was with her that i chose to spend all of my time.
i asked one of the organization leaders about her...who defends her? who stands up for her?
my heart was in pieces, and i had the feeling that i would do anything for her if i could.
i felt protective over her and i wished to speak romanian so that i could directly ask her questions.
saying goodbye was difficult for the both of us. two of the leaders commented on the connection they had witnessed between the two of us.
prior to leaving the country my dad had given me an article to read about a young college graduate who had taken a missions trip and ended up staying to gain legal rights to adopt a child. she then brought the child home with her and now they have their own family. i thought little of the story except for when my dad said he could see me doing the same thing in a few years, should i meet the right child. i laughed him off...until i came face to face with the little girl.
legally, i could never adopt her {technically, she wasn't an orphan} or any child from romania or moldova...and if i could, it would be extremely different. but the whole situation did force my curiosity to ask myself and others questions regarding adoption.
i suppose that if i were ever to feel the same way again and i felt that god was leading me in a particular direction, then yes, i would adopt...even if it made me a young single mother.
i know that perhaps this sounds silly, but it's something i take seriously...and i guess it's just something you realize when you're face to face with someone that you care about.

i will be blogging a lot more about romania and moldova...just you wait! ;)

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