Sunday, July 7, 2013

jet lag.

i left galati, romania on thursday afternoon, romanian time.
i took a four hour train ride to bucharest and got to bed around midnight.
friday morning, at three am, i was picked up by bus at four.
by six forty-five, still romanian time, my flight took off for frankfurt.
once i got to frankfurt i had a very brief layover prior to boarding my nine hour flight to d.c.
d.c. meant a six hour layover, followed by a five hour flight.

needless to say, friday july, fifth was the day that never seemed to end...literally.
every time we crossed a time zone, you could literally tell that the sun was resetting itself.
from start to finish, that day lasted twenty nine hours for me.

so i stayed the night in newberg {STILL friday}
and tried to sleep...tried being the key word here.
i then packed up again and headed out for the airport
to catch a plane to seattle {what was one extra flight?}
which would then connect me home.

therefore {i'm quite proud of this} i traveled since one pm thursday afternoon {romanian time}
and didn't arrive until four thirty am, sunday {romanian time}.

so yeah, i guess you really don't care to know any of this.
but, regardless, i'm telling you anyways because it's four am and i haven't been able to sleep.
i mean, you'd think that an exhausted body would just pass out or something, but this jet lag is kind of i was told it might be.

i didn't believe anyone.
butttttt, now i do.
so i'm laying in bed, eating apple pie,
because what is one to do at four am?

it is nice to be home where things like apple pie
are available in the middle of the night,
but i am completely nostalgic for anything romanian or moldovan.
and, no, i'm not just saying this as a cliche because a trip of mine is over.
i truly have a sense of longing to be back in a setting like galati or chisinau.

i can't wait to talk about everything later.
but for now, i need to finish my pie and try to sleep just a bit more.
oh and this pie is simply a substitute for what i am really craving:


do yourself a favor...if you're ever in romania, find the nearest gogoserie.

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