Tuesday, August 27, 2013

a letter about fear.

My fear exists in the unasked questions that I accumulate for you each day.
My fear exists due to my faith in God that I feel you may dismiss as nonsense.
My fear masks itself within the blackness of the future – remote and unattainable.
My fear lingers through the daylight as our distance spans for miles.
My fear finds me in the precipice where I find myself falling steadily for you.
My fear is inscribed within the words of our daily exchanges.
My fear beats rhythmically in my body as I anticipate your sitting next to me.

And yet, my utmost fear that wakes me in the night and finds me in the morning and follows me through the day
is the chill of thinking that perhaps you should willingly become a stranger to me,

That perhaps you will no longer stay.

the end. 

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