Wednesday, August 7, 2013

because last night's conversation was allllll about constanța, galați, bucharest, and chișinău. oh how i miss my romania & moldova.

here's the few photos i snapped on my phone while in europe.
a friend of mine is trying to go to eastern europe and if she makes it
before me i will be tremendously jealous.
fingers crossed i get into the program next fall and get to go to hungary, though!
if not, perhaps paris will just have to do ;)

so, i miss my romania and my moldova but right now i love my california.
the days are warm and beautiful and they're perfect for lots of drives with the window down and the music up...kind of like whenever i nanny. i swear the kids think i'm the crazy one, and i know that they love me for it, even if i'm singing and dancing and embarrassing them because i live for that embarrassment, you know.

anyways, happy wednesday everyone!
here's the last bit of my trip:

^^^the people's palace


 ^^^ a bit of heaven right in the midst of poverty. 
 ^^^i loved the black sea! and not just because i found all of the naked people amusing
 ^^^my favorite walk in galati. i love reminders of reality and this was reality.
 ^^^spent an afternoon in a church yard/grave yard on the outside of galati.
^^^botanical gardens in galati

 ^^^i fell in love with this orthodox church. it was stunning inside but no pictures were allowed.
 ^^^the galati hospital that i passed each morning as i practically ran to the center.
^^^our cute little hostel where i met the most handsome frenchman.
the two photos above are of chisinau. maybe it's just me and my love for beautiful streets but this moldovan city just killed me. i loved just about every street.
david! despite the fact that this was taken at four am and i had only slept for three hours, i love this picture. this is the man who led my trip and who also laughed at all the quirks i brought to my team. he is one of the neatest people i have ever met and i hope to travel to romania again to see him and the rest of the staff!



  1. Oooo what program to Hungary?! :)

    1. My study abroad program when I start in Asia and make my way along Europe and Africa for three months :) Hungary is along the way!

    2. Stop!! That is seriously so cool!! You'll get in for sure. :)