Friday, August 2, 2013

because sleep just hates me lately!

...i need lots of extra inspiration and music to get myself going in the morning.
and since i'm not really one to choose coffee to wake me up, there's been lots of music around these well as lots of online shopping ideas just to motivate me to get myself dressed.

i don't know what oregon did to me but these days i just want to live in jeans, converse and flannels...though the weather hasn't necessarily permitted all of these to be worn in unison.
it's been how many days/weeks/months since i've seen rain?! (not counting galati rain, that is).
yep, i'm definitely in the mood for my flannels and converse,
or any oregon-like clothing that is...because when i learned to dress more like an oregonian, the clothes became more and more comfortable.
(i made mention of this here)
i told mom: "i downright refuse to start dressing like all the girls in l.a....i will forever love the style of the pnw."

so i guess you could say that i'm missing portland,
and judging by how productive i make myself in the middle of the night,
it's definitely safe to say that i'm trying to spend as much quiet and alone time with myself (as stupid as that sounds!) before i'm back living with god knows how many college students.
i mean, i spend most of my days talking to children and then i come home only to more people who want to see me and talk some more.
i think that late nights are occasionally best spent alone, listening to music, watching youtube videos, uhm, painting your nails because heaven knows i can't find any time during the day.
i mean, where did the last three months go?!
newberg, it's sad to say that you are a thing of the past.
sometimes i think about fred meyer and chapters and coffee cat and voodoo and those hamburger wednesdays spent with ally and way i used to sing at the top of my lungs every time the sun came out, even if it was  only out the slightest bit.
and i think about all of these things that i took for granted and i know that life last year was just downright simple and wonderful. and this assures me that whatever is thrown in my way these next few weeks will top oregon, though oregon will forever have my heart.
i am both thrilled and nervous to move back to school, especially since i'm starting over again.
but hey, oregon treated me well so how bad can the o.c. be?

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