Thursday, August 8, 2013

dates-to-do list:

1. dinner, movie, stroll through a park {classic date night, and so cliche that i can't resist}

2. just a movie. i don't care what kind: foreign, black & white, comedy, horror {though not my favorite}. as long as there's someone to share the popcorn with.

3. a day in a city. because there's so much you can do and see, and i find it so wonderful to be lost on a date {remember my first date?}

4. a baseball game. night or day, they both give off a different experience, and it's cute to see a guy passionate about his favorite sport.

5. dinner at a home. i've always had this idea that cooking for someone i was beginning to love would be a scary and wonderful endeavor.

6. a blind date. because why not?

7. the beach. to lay on the beach and picnic at the beach is so relaxing. besides, being comfortable and relaxed is the best thing in a relationship.

8. paint balling. because i never got to go when it came up. and who doesn't like the very similar moment in ten things i hate about you?!

9. book store date. i am forever biased because i spent so much time falling in love in a book store.

10. coffee. or tea. because sitting in a coffee shop with someone handsome is such a lovely cliche.

11. a hike. because i never did so in oregon, and it's one of my oregonian regrets.

12. sunrise and breakfast. there's no better way to know someone than to see them in their true self in the early hours of the day.

13. since i hate to dance, i've always wanted a man to say, "get dressed, i'm taking you dancing." if he's comfortable enough to say that to me, then i'll be comfortable enough to take his lead.

14. drives. with my first boyfriend we would have these little dates of simply driving aimlessly. so many of our best conversations took place in the car while on our way to nowhere. the music was always good, and there was always a hand to hold.

15. donuts at midnight. because breakfast is best in the middle of the night.

16. a phone date. because it's on my bucket list to stay up all night on the phone.

17. a museum. places like the MoMa are magical.

18. the aquarium. oh how i love that place. a man promised to take me once but too many other promises were broken before this one was kept.

19. a plain and simple fast food date. because in-n-out and taco bell will always have my heart.

20. a let's-stay-in-all-night date. because it's simple and personal. and simple things are my most favorite of things.

the end.

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