Monday, August 19, 2013

from observations of people and some other things i've written before.

let's just run away and get lost, and find some other way in some other place where the sky is a bit bluer, the sun shines a bit brighter, the traffic is louder, and the buildings are higher. 

and in that big place, that crowded, warm place, there we shall find a nook just big enough for two. and we will spend our days in random company or in a restaurant or by a park. 

we will fill the room with laughter and with silliness, for our only two embraces are love and youthfulness. and the days will be long, so we will pass the hours with grand explorations. 

and when the days become shorter and the nights become solemn, we will find new adventures deep in the quiet. and as age takes us and envelops us, we will learn to grow as one and we will learn to hold on. 

there will be pain and heartache and change. there will be days where you cannot recognize me and days where i can no longer recognize you. 

in those moments our prior endeavors will seem irrational. we might lash out with regrets that, truly, amount to nothing, and you might leave for a time or i might leave for a time. 

but will you promise me one thing? 

i do not want  promises of constant happiness. 

i could care less for promises of far away places.

i have no favor for money or for clothes or for rich homes.

do not even dare promise me that you will find yourself fond of me each day.

all i ask is that if i leave, you will come and find me and remind me of all i have lost sight of.
and, should you leave, please promise me that when i come to find you, even if all your hope is lost, that you will know for certain that i am the only way home.

so if our little nook in a large city is all we ever have - lost behind buildings, buried by memories  and carved right from a tree - 

the two of us and the life we build are the only things i will ever want and ever need. 

the buildings might stand a bit shorter, the streets might hum a bit quieter, the sun might be dull, the air turned cold, and the sky not so blue.

though none of this will matter in comparison to the life i have led with you.

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