Friday, August 30, 2013

hobson 3. hms4lyfe. gfu. all that pnw love. whatever.

i stole this picture from my ra, megan.
she made us each a heart and gave it to us on our last day living in hobson 3.
all of my oregonian friends are moving into houses today and it makes me so nostalgic
for the people that impacted my life last year.

 oregon definitely mended a huge portion of my life.
it challenged the hell out of me and sometimes i was downright angry that god had led me
so far away from home. but then, in his typical goodness, everything worked out
and my life changed in dramatic ways.

not only did fox bring me rest, but it brought me romania & moldova, it brought me lifetime friendships and it brought direction back into my life.
god took me all the way north to bring me all the way back down south and right where i need to be.

so i miss all of the faces of the beautiful individuals represented in the picture above.
but i rest assured knowing that i will see them again.
maybe not all of them, but definitely the ones that i can still call covenant friends. 

i can't wait til they all start getting married!
{seriously...there are weddings to be had!}
the common joke all year was that we all needed a row in each of our weddings for the hob 3 girls.
maybe we weren't joking as much as we thought, but we'll never know for sure ;)
anyways, i learned so much about what it takes to have faith and deal with big issues, and live life and mess up...all while living here.

so, thanks again, ladies for the tears, laughs, arguments, love and memories.
and i will be back to that pnw as soon as possible because i love love love me some portland.
i can't wait to drive on that 99 again and see the 'berg.
but, for now where i am is just right and just mine,
just as oregon was last year.


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