Monday, August 12, 2013

inspiration from pinterest.

 somewhere like venice always sounds good.
 crisp white shirts = love love love.
one day i want a kitchen that doesn't quite work and that is worn in all
of the right places. kitchens are for food fights, and dancing, and 
great conversations and laughs.

 this place looks nice, too.
 today i packed all of my knee highs from oregon, despite the fact that 
i'm about to live in so-cal. i just can't help this love of mine.
 this might be my favorite wallpaper...ever.

 because i'm still too broke to get my arm done.
because i've always wanted to live in a yellow house.
and if you needed me, i wish that this would be where you could find me.

the end.

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  1. Your Pinterest is perfect and I lurk it every day. Sorry not sorry.