Wednesday, August 28, 2013

poetry practice - because my professor says so.

A piece of peace

My greatest peace is not in the way that the sun continues to ascent each day,
Nor how the moon finds its place below the thick mountains and wild sea.

I claim to adhere to the peace of God, and yet even that is a shrunken mustard seed that diminishes by doubt and fleshly mindlessness.

My darling – I tell you this, and I say it in complete veracity and foolishness {a contradiction that two lovers can only perceive} – darling, it is in you. My peace I find wholly in you.

For it is piece by piece that we are one, and I am found, and you are mine.
You, my darling, are the one piece of peace that cups my love in one and fastens me as two.

A piece of me for the peace of you.

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