Thursday, August 1, 2013


  • sometimes all i want to do is stay in bed all day and read, but sometimes i feel the urge to go and climb a mountain and find some sort of big accomplishment in that.
  • sometimes, like today, i realize i have one too many books from the library, but most times i feel like the stack besides my bed couldn't possibly be enough.
  • sometimes i desperately miss french class, but sometimes i have a moment where it all comes back to me and i recite something witty in my broken french and the whole moment feels brilliant.
  • sometimes i promise myself that i'll stop finishing the container of frosting, but most times i use it as an excuse for breakfast.
  • sometimes i say too much for my own good, and sometimes i wish i would have just said it all.
  • sometimes i think i'll publish something someday, but sometimes i wonder how i could ever possibly become that open with my thoughts and words.
  • sometimes i tell myself that i'm going to live in paris one day, and sometimes i decide that i'll make a brief home in new york.
  • sometimes i put frank sinatra christmas songs on just to pretend that it's winter, and most times i drive with the windows down and sing really loudly to remind myself to embrace summer.
  • sometimes i tell myself that i'm going to learn how to cook real meals one day, and most times breakfast for every meal sounds reasonable enough to last me a life time.
  • most times i'm too shy when i go out in public, but sometimes, especially lately, i've made conversation with so many strangers that i am reminded of just how wonderful people truly are and i just can't wait to hop on a plane and meet more and more of them.

the end.

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