Sunday, August 25, 2013

sunday morning

i've been listening to bon iver a lot more lately.
he's someone that i will always love and come back to when i need a good listen or some help focusing on my studies. 

this is one of my favorite songs of his
and when i saw it on this blogger's instagram along with her little video
i thought that it was absolutely even more perfect than before.
and videos about happy couples like this make me so happy.

but anyways, i can't believe i have been in irvine for a whole week now.
i feel like i've lived here for much longer,
and time has finally slowed its pace.

i am such a proud english major and i'm happy with where i am.
there's so much reading and studying but the literature is beautiful
and i can feel myself being challenged by the professors.
i'm taking a creative writing class and i honestly can't wait for all of the projects and major assignments.
writing is so messy and difficult and wonderful,
and it leaves me feeling satisfied when i can receive critique and present my work.

well, today is looking promising!
i love love love sundays.
i'm supposed to meet up with two friends from back home.
we did theater together in high school, and the two of them are lots of fun.
and then later, church for night service.
i am going to miss solid rock's portland college service soooo much,
but it will be nice to meet new people down here,
and i won't have to travel the distance in the rain. hooray!

i'm excited for the next few days since last week went so well.
i miss my family, the triplets especially, and friends...
i even miss my oregon friends who are all reuniting this weekend before welcome week starts.
and, of course, i miss my berkeley boy, darn that handsome guy.

i hope that everyone else has a great sunday!

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