Wednesday, August 28, 2013

sunday with some theater people!

last sunday i spent the day with two high school friends of mine, jc and savannah.
it was the perfect sunday!
those two are always up for an adventure and conversation is always upbeat and hilarious.
the three of us were in the play a mid summer's night dream my junior year,
and savannah and i took a fashion class together and a year of french, as well.
so when jc texted me saying he was in orange county and wanted to see me, i just about screamed
for joy and jumped up and down.
for reals.

you should have seen me running around the room looking for something to wear.
clothes were flying everywhere.
my roommate just looked at me and rolled her eyes, saying, "you're changing again?!"

yes, i replied, because you don't know these people! they always look good! they're film students...they're actors...they're fashionable...oh my.

when i told my friends about my crazy antics while getting dressed they laughed and laughed.
they know it's true: they always look so good.

so jc composed this little video, and i love it.
the day was beautiful and it made me fall more in love with this little big place called orange.
but don't worry, bay area, you still have my heart.
and portland, you're a close second!

all of those so-cal beaches i heard about...even the episodes of the hills that i used to's all real!
all it took for us to have a reunion was to be far away from home. life is so funny that way.
they had the cutest books that were carved into letters!
i wanted all of them. remember when i blogged about something like this here?

anyhoo, i can't wait for more adventures like this!
i just need a camera like jc's so i can make videos and carry my camera around.
everyone should be warned, the minute i have a camera, i will not put it down.
which reminds me, i'm in a huge debate over whether or not i should just invest in a fuji or diana already.

decisions decisions!

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