Sunday, August 18, 2013

ten things i loved today:

1. this song. so so beautiful, always.
2. sunday morning breakfasts with orange juice and pastries and everything yummy at such an early hour.
3. mom & dad. they are so good to me.
4. the sunny californian sky. i keep looking for clouds and they are nowhere to be found.
5. a little park i found near uci. i know that i'll find myself there when school gets to be too much. because everything gets better when you take the time to put your toes in the sand, you know?
6. my journal filled with to-do lists.
7. the spectrum's ferris wheel. it is definitely going to make my to-do list.
8. fresh picked flowers sitting on a table.
9. all of the postcards that are beginning to take up my wall.
10. the sarcastic and also sweet texts from berkeley boy. i've only known him for three weeks, and three whole days, and the guy can make me smile like nobody has in a long long time.

1 comment:

  1. What's your school address? I wanna send you postcards. :)