Thursday, September 12, 2013

12 facts because it's 12 and because it's the 12th

1. i think that august and september are a complete waste of time. usually summer has grown old and i just want the holidays, but they seem to never come. january is a waste, too. all that cold, and no christmas.

2. i will intentionally go out of my way to avoid the color pink. i just hate it. all the time.

3. i used to be such an organized person. and in the last two years i don't know what's happened. i find complete peace in clutter, and even in a bit of chaos. and i've always needed something to be off...i just like a bit of a mess to get me through life, is all.

4. i am always in the mood for breakfast. always. even right now.

5. i have a hard time staying in one place. i always feel the need to be somewhere else, to be doing something else. i haven't decided whether or not this is one of my good traits or completely unfortunate.

6. if i could have any song to my life it would be how it ends by devotchka OR their other version, the winner is, from the little miss sunshine soundtrack. i hear that song and i swear the whole world stops.

7. flowers are my favorite present in the entire world. i just love them. and i love people who give them to me. and when the flowers die, that's my favorite part. i just love old, washed out things. they're so beautiful.

8. i thrive off of awkward situations, specifically awkward silence. if i can be with someone who is totally okay with not saying a word every now and again, i am a happy camper. sometimes i will go great amounts of time without saying anything and i'm not even bothered by it. my mother would call this rude, i call it talent.

9. i knew i really liked berkeley boy when he let me spin round and round. i've learned that not everyone cares for spinning. sometimes i even decide to spin the wrong way...but the guy still lets me, and it's wonderful.

10. a huge fear of mine is raffles. i'm not kidding. i don't care if someone is raffling off something great, i will not enter my name. what if it's called? what if i win? it's nearly as bad as the first day of classes when every professor calls your name on roll-call. i never know what to say. it's horrible and i hate it.

11.  i have only camped once, seen snow once, trick-or-treated once {i'm almost certain} and been to disneyland once. i have a lot of childhood making up to do now that i'm an adult.

12. i'm a quotes hoarder. i will consume words like an old lady collects cats. sometimes i feel this urge to whip out a quote in a conversation but i stop myself because i realize that not everyone cares what neruda or woolf or lewis or bukowski have to say. and what a shame, right?!

the end. goodnight.

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