Friday, September 20, 2013

a few things that are helping me survive this tiredness

because i really haven't felt this tired in a few weeks.
i might even go and take a nap right now...a nap?! yep.
despite the fact that i don't care for naps, i am definitely thinking
that some more sleep will do me good.

anyways, a few things that have totally helped me survive the past twenty-four hours:

-lists! i had six different lists, one for each day this week.
i am just now throwing out the last list, seeing that i just turned in my last assignments of the week

-iced chai from starbucks. so good. so helpful

-a hot shower. what really tops a hot shower? let's be honest.

-the white album of the beatles. it makes a pretty, sunrise morning on the road feel like a million bucks

-my tea kettle at home. one of my favorite things in the world is a quiet kitchen in the morning. i loved walking into my house, greeted by my dog eddie, and putting on the kettle.

-emergen-c for that tea kettle! i've figured that since i'm going to be taking care of a nine month old and a three year old for five days out of the week i need to be as healthy as possible. and just when i thought that my preparation for motherhood days were over... ;)

okay, that's all.
i can hardly even type straight so pardon any grammar mistakes.
i'm looking forward to my weekend and i hope that you all are as well.


oh, and this is one of my favorites from this morning.
i love them. driving to it reminds me of nanny days when we
would come home from piano and i would put the beatles on and the
kids would ask a million questions about them.

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