Saturday, September 14, 2013

a little romania in my morning.

one of my teammates shared the drop box file with me this morning and i came across pictures and videos of my word made flesh trip! i was so excited to see every one's faces again. this place is still so vivid to me, and not a day goes by that it doesn't cross my mind.
i definitely want everyone to see romania. and i'm not kidding, i will end up dragging someone to eastern europe with me one of these days.

so there's quite a few photos, and to see them, just continue to read on. there's no photos with children in order to respect their privacy and to protect them, but there are some random photos that i included because they made me nostalgic. 

have a beautiful saturday!
i'm all rested up and have a full day of work ahead of me.

 one of the french inspired buildings that contrasts the communist era buildings. this was just a short walk down the street from our hostel in bucharest, and it's across the street from the first romanian restaurant i ate at with sarah and david on my first night in the city.
i can't describe to anyone just how beautiful i found this city. it is referred to "little paris," anyways!

 ^^^ where the team spent our first week. chisinau was such a wonderful place, as well. bucharest was short lived but it was chisinau that broke me on the trip and for that i am so grateful. the children weren't living here at the time but we made our visits to the camp at the end of each day.
^^^ i was horrible in the sewing room! so they sent me to annie in the card making room...such a better fit. ;)
 ^^^ this was the end of a long hallway in la via. it's the floor given to the organization for them to work with the children. it was such an old building. from outside it looks so haunted, and there's even a communist statue just outside that is a constant reminder of the past. anyways, the moment you climb the stairs towards this floor, it's as if time stops and there's such goodness.
^^^ from the top of "the valley!" i spy my host family's house ;) seriously, though, this view in person takes your breath away and puts so much into perspective.
 ^^^ galati!!! i loved loved loved this place! this was a typical street we walked either to eat, go to church, or, mostly, catch a bus.
 ^^^ the neighborhood where i lived.
 ^^^such a random photo but i wasn't in many, and when i saw this i remembered exactly what we were doing. corbin and i were arguing over something stupid....nothing too unusual ;)
 sums us up. i love all of these beautiful people. sometimes you meet someone in life and you just know that you've met a once in a lifetime person. these are some once-in-a-lifetime-people. this was our last day at the black sea. i spent my time on a little restaurant's patio there on the beach and i wrote and wrote. we would later catch our bus to galati!
 ^^^ a piece of heaven here on earth. and i mean this with complete sincerity. i swear god carves out little places for people to thrive amongst difficulty. and this is one of those places. it's even more wonderful when the children are here.
 ^^^each night we had study/reflection time, but that always consisted of david going to a market and getting snacks and sodas for us all. in the meantime, it was play time. 
 ^^^we spent a day at a community pool ( with the children. some of them had never even seen a swimming pool before and most could not swim, and almost all did not own/could not afford a swimsuit. to see their faces that day was one of the best feelings. david said to us at the end of the day, you got to witness a part of their childhood today. today they got to be children. because all of those little ones have grown up faster than i and surpassed me in things i cannot even fathom. so, yes, witnessing their innocence was rare and astounding. each time i sit and think about them and their names and their voices i can't believe i was allowed time to be with them and learn from them.
 ^^^galati from this museum/observation place. it was a beautiful day.
 ^^^sunflowers are EVERYWHERE in the romanian countrysides. it's kind of ridiculous. places shouldn't get THIS beautiful.
 ^^^we spent a day at a monastery with the children from the village. it was so much fun. julia and i led a craft before we took the carriage over. there was a small group of kids so it was a good time for getting to know them {through the language/cultural barriers, of course} and laugh.
 ^^^one of the train stations we passed on our four hour ride to bucharest. i really felt like i was in europe this day. and the journey towards the train station is one of my favorite stories/memories. it felt like a movie, so much so that tori and i were laughing so hard while trying to haul our luggage on cobblestone streets towards our train. it was such a hectic, great moment. 
^^^ patty with her "hipster" coke! they print people's names on coke cans with the mentality that everyone is friends and everyone drinks coke...or something like that. this was our last night in bucharest. we had our last shawormas. food that i miss sooo much! and, what's worse, my shaworma was made without the fries. how does that happen?! i guess i'll just have to go back to have some more ;)


  1. Romania looks so much like Hungary! So beautiful!

    1. Yeah! I picked up an application to study in Hungary and I was like, "Ahhhh I love Eastern Europe!" But they said that it's more Western. Anyways, I hope it's amazing!!! And...uhmmm you did WHAT WITH AN AUSTRALIAN?! Girl, I can't wait to hear about these foreign boys even though I'm plain and will stick to my Americans :) haha