Wednesday, September 4, 2013

and away i go {MAYBE}

a friend of mine is currently on her study abroad trip.
first stop:  G R E E C E .
i've expressed my jealousy to her...she loves travel as much
{if not more} as i do.

when i went to romania, i had a layover at the dulles airport
and hours later, on her way to uganda, corinna had the same layover.
i remember feeling this thrill...two girls from gilroy, both with a craving
for other places and people, were setting off into the world.

so as soon as she returned from africa she began to prepare for
the continent of europe. because she will basically be all over the
continent of europe for the next few months.

and yesterday my friend bridgette came to lunch from her
around the world semester meeting. it's when you begin
in asia on the first of august and make your way across the
globe in time for christmas. it's a five month trip filled
with lots of adventure and learning.
you spend about three weeks in each of the ten countries.

this opportunity was a huge attraction for me when i
got my letter of acceptance. and when they gave me
all of the paperwork in july i was fresh off the plane
{literally i had just returned days prior} and i would have
done just about anything to get right back on one.

but for the past month i've been thinking about what i want next fall.
where do i want to go? who do i want to meet?
romania and moldova were wonderful because they stretched me and built me.
i can recall sitting with corinna and telling her something along the lines of: sure god is here, but he's there, he's the one whose knees are in the ground. he's digging with those kids on the side of the road and he's picking them up. i want to help pick people up too.

i still have that desire to "dig" with others.
to meet them where they're at..wherever they may be.
fortunately, those people are even here in los angeles...because los angeles is
where my whole romania idea began three years ago.

but, i figure, i'm young right now, and my heart is for the world as much as it
is for small communities in america.
the only difference this time is that my heart for service has shifted into a heart
that wants to be immersed in a single place for a period of time.
which is why choosing one country to live in is sounding more appealing than a series of trips.
i mean, the latter is totally a once in a lifetime opportunity, but i'm looking to settle somewhere for a period of a couple months...maybe learn the language, maybe visit surrounding nations.

jeez, i didn't think that this post would become so long!
it's simply that i'm realizing that the time has come, yet again, to
pick a destination and pursue it in the hopes that it's the right time to leave again.
{and because i've been up since around six feeling sick and gross and tired...yay for college!}
and hopefully, if this trip is the time for play and for exploration, my next trip will
once again be with a word made flesh team back in romania or in india...but that's just
a bit for dreaming for ya ;)

it's my huge opinion that everyone take at least one educational or missional trip in their lifetime. you grow and it's uncomfortable and it's beautiful, and you become stained with a different outlook and with the faces of individuals that are forever meaningful to your life. there's really nothing to lose, and there really is the entire world to gain.

it all just makes me happy.

p.s. corinna, i love the posts and pictures. and yes, i am still rather jealous but i can't wait to hear all about your trip during holiday break!

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  1. Oh man!! I'm currently sitting in the bar downstairs from my apartment with a friend doing homework (sounds weird, I know), and I freaked out so much! This is probably one of my most favorite posts you've written. ;)
    I HIGHLY recommend living in one country for an extended period of time if you can! Even though my program consists of going to about 7 different counties, we're staying in certain places for a few weeks at a time, with the exception of a few small trips that I'm planning myself. I like it a lot better and I think it's a better way to see more and immerse yourself in the culture. Greek culture is pretty interesting, to say the least!
    Anyways, sorry this is so long, but I love you and I'm praying for you! Also, something from me may or may not be appearing in your mailbox at some point. ;)
    (No, for real it might not actually because I don't know if I bought the right stamps!... So let me know haha.)