Sunday, September 22, 2013

berkeley boy.

i spent the day in berkeley yesterday.
it was my first time seeing the city by day.
it was beautiful, and i loved it.
it is polar opposite to so-cal, and so of course i loved it.

any day with berkeley boy is good.
technically we've only spent five days together.
but to us it feels like more.

he's the first guy in such a long time to
not cause any pressure.
i feel like we could lay around all day
and neither one of us would grow bored or have
expectations to keep busy all of the time.

i also feel entirely comfortable sharing a meal with him.
in fact, i love looking up from my food and seeing him sit
there across from me.

and he not only lets me spin around whenever i like,
but he spun a bit too.

time is easy with him.
and while i know that things will never
be perfect and time will most definitely not always be easy,
i want to be able to do good and bad with him.

i feel secure when i stand next to him,
and the feeling is so wonderful.
i don't feel like there is anything i have to prove, either.
and i'm not always this eager to hear what someone else has to say.

i wish i could spend more time with him each week,
but the amount of time we're allotted at this stage in our relationship
exceeds having no time at all.
i am grateful for this guy everyday, and i can finally say that he's mine.

i didn't see this coming when i first met him,
though all day i wanted to talk to him and to stand out to him.
i figured that i didn't, and hardly gave much thought to it the rest of the day.
but here we are.

it's been two months, but yesterday was the beginning of claiming one another.
it's all so new and small, and i want to treat it with care and with some privacy.

jesse and i had a whole lot of rain and a whole lot of luck yesterday.
but really, i don't feel all that lucky. i feel entirely blessed.

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