Tuesday, September 10, 2013

dear berkeley boy,

thank you for getting locked out of the library for me.
you really shouldn't have.
but i loved hearing your voice, nonetheless.

let's go whale watching some time after we see europe for four weeks {not three}
and let me pay for dinner next time -
if you let me, i promise i won't talk in metaphors,
and maybe i'll even let our imaginary dog sleep on my side of the bed.

i still don't understand why you call or why you still hold on -
and i don't need you to tell my why, because i believe
what you've already said.

i already know that you will roll your eyes at this and say, "you're such a girl."
but listen to me, kid, when i say that i am such a girl, and a good one at that.

and yes, this causes me to say silly things that i really do mean,
and it causes me to want to buy you dinner just to be defiant,
and, most importantly, it causes me to go absolutely weak in the knees
the minute your name comes up or the minute you enter a room.

that's just the way it is,
and i'm perfectly fine with it.

the end.

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