Friday, September 27, 2013

i got a phone call just now

from a friend in good old newberg, oregon.
she's the kind of friend you invite to your wedding
even if you've gone a couple years without seeing one another.

anyways, there was a dance at my old college
and it was there that a little lost love of hers stumbled back into her life not even an hour ago.

i was the first person she called.
when she did i actually thought that she was in tears.
turns out she was excited. smitten, really.

so she screamed, and as i translated the screams i realized why she was so thrilled.
so i began to yell and laugh and become very excited for my friend.

she then said that when they're married i get a special seat for the wedding.
{there's that private school kid marriage mentality talk} ;)

it was kind of great to hear her voice.
i miss my oregonians so much.
every day.

living with three girls is so great for this season in my life,
but i can't help but realize that i survived living with 20+ females last semester.
each of them are going to do great things, and i won't know about all of it for the most part.
but then there's a handful of them that will call.

even when time has passed and i haven't called and they haven't called.

someone will call.

maybe next time there will be tears,
but for now we all have thrilling things to say
and we know how fun it is to be this young.

my friend wants to marry this guy.
her enthusiasm is completely intoxicating.

and i couldn't help but laugh to myself about just how
loud our phone call was. about how i felt my whole building could hear
me. because getting excited for people is one of my favorite things.

my roommate's boyfriend is preparing to leave overseas for the marines
and he wrote her the simplest letter.
i may or may not have teared up.
my roommate laughed but i couldn't help but admire their relationship.

i love love so very much.
so does my friend in oregon.
but i mostly love it for others, because it's so beautiful to watch.
i usually want to say to a couple, "now stop! let me take this in and write about it."

sharing that mutual love with someone who lives so far away
just reminds me that people can be miles away and things can go on as they should.
and i know that she and i will be friends for quite some time now.

i can't wait to see portland again.


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