Thursday, September 5, 2013

it was one of those days.

the kind where you want to be angry and grouchy.
nothing feels right, but by the end of the day you realize that you're the only one that didn't feel right.
i woke up not wanting to talk to anyone.
i didn't want to look at anyone.
i didn't want to do anything.
i was sick of feeling sick.
i missed berkeley boy so much that i wanted him here in that instant,
even though i was in no mood for talking.
and also, i felt like the world's worst friend.
often times people like to point out the fault
in how i handle relationships,
because i truly handle relationships poorly.
it's a fault that i'm not proud of.
so today i thought, who really cares?
madison is just fine alone.

can you tell i was having a major pity party?
because i don't do well alone. at all.

so i made the texts that i needed to make and i decided to smile at people.
my day went on and i still felt like a grump.
but three little things happened:
1. i bought myself cheesecake ice know, the ben & jerry's kind?

2. i decided to work out {total contradiction to my initial happy snack, i know}.

3. i turned in a paper to my writing group in class and everyone thought that the entire paper was written from a lesbian perspective. no. joke. when really it was written from the perspective of a middle aged man. i suppose that's what you get when you write a poem about scissors and an emotional man {i don't create the prompt}. anyways, me and my group got an awfully good laugh about it. i kind of love my fellow writers. a lot.

so that was today.
i didn't like today.
everything was more quirky than usual
and i was in the mood for cold weather, a good book, a warm bed, and a hug from my guy.
but i've decided that i already like tomorrow.
hot and humid, book-less, bed-less, boy-less tomorrow.


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