Friday, September 13, 2013

lesson learned.

i remember the opinions of others.
everyone offered me words of advice as if they knew he and i -
as if they actually understood what we needed at the time.

i still to this day cannot tell you the entire story of the end because
the opinions of others tainted the truth so deeply.
due to this, i vowed to never let the opinions of others consume me.
i think that's how the saying goes.

and it's difficult.
i don't like when negativity is
spoken into people's lives, especially when it's directed towards
their relationship.
my mom gave me excellent advice today: no one knows what the 
two of you know.

she's right {as moms typically are}
but the comments regarding who i've chosen
to be with still burn, nonetheless.
the comparisons that people draw between who i am
and who i am amongst other girls is also another burn.
the comparisons i often draw do the exact same thing.

though it's a burn i'm more than willing to take every now
and again because, at the end of the day, this is who i am and i refuse to change that.

and really, i can deal with the comments and the doubts and the eye-rolls,
but today was long and this week was stressful
and i should have crawled into bed hours ago with a good book.
and i should have ignored the comments.

lesson learned for today - there's no harm in it.
tomorrow is new, and that's a wonderful thing.
and, really, no one knows my relationship but he and i, and
it really is no one else's business which is why i like to keep
my thoughts about it so private amongst even my closest friends.

friday, you were long and tedious and now it's time to
call it quits and find that book to crawl into bed with.
i'm waving my little white flag for now.

the end.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I wish I could hug you.

    1. Such a bummer! But I'm better today! I hope you are well...I've been meaning to email you! I'm sure you'll have wifi in Rome, though! I can't wait to hear everything!!!

      And if you ever get the chance to talk, just email me in return :)

  2. don't let the bastards get you down darling xx

    dreaming is believing