Tuesday, September 3, 2013

life lately

things have been absolutely hectic lately.
i feel as if i went one hundred miles an hour this entire week/especially the weekend.
by the time sunday came, all i wanted to do was lay down and not move.
so i kind of did that, and i kind of had some fun that day too...

...because... {since some of you have asked me about this}
berkeley boy came for a visit!
and it was wonderful.
and so was he.

there's still lots of nerves that come with seeing this guy.
we've known each other for a short amount of time and yet
i feel as if i've known him for much, much longer.

there's no pressure to go out and do a whole bunch,
though of course i have a list of places i'd love to go with him.
he's simple to be with, and he's become one of the people
i'd prefer to spend my time with whenever i can.

it still amazes me that we all go our whole lives not knowing of a face or of a name,
but then that certain face and name comes into our life and nothing is the same ever again.
the mere thought of that person reverting back to a stranger is just sad,
and you wonder to yourself how you went all of that time unaware.
and how the moment when everything changed just sort of crept up on you two.
no one woke you that morning and said, hey you're going to meet someone today that will alter things!

you simply find yourself in a seemingly insignificant moment,
perhaps you see him or her from across the room,
perhaps you run into one another,
or perhaps he stands and shakes your hand.
whichever the case, the moment happens, and if you don't take it you're either the wisest person or the craziest...i haven't yet determined which. :)

i laughed about this the other day in the car,
and my friend blurted out: "god laughs at our own plans, madison."
and it was such a casual thing to say, but it's true.

my plans were so different.
this plan is so much better.

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