Sunday, September 29, 2013

oh, sunday.

academically speaking, today has been god awful.
and this week is going to be as well.

but hey, education is a good thing, right?
and it's entirely self inflicted...right?

hooray for the stresses of fall semester as well as the stresses of signing
up for spring semester classes.

i'll just go crawl in a hole now and sleep for forever.
i'm a school-girl-crier. i will curse and cry at every book that i have to read.
today was no exception.

so i'm going to go m.i.a. for the next week.
and if i make it to friday, i will definitely take myself shopping.
or go home for the weekend.

after a week like this, i might need to take mom up on her offer and just go home and sleep.

so these made me laugh.
and i'm totally in each predicament right about now.
this week is about to be insane.
bring it, life.

well, i did find some valuable HIMYM time this morning. it felt great.
so true. what's up with the prices, so-cal?
the baristas are going to know my name. just you watch.
it is my ultimate goal to avoid this for my entire week.
every english major's problem. we talk about this almost everyday in between classes.
every time.
every single time. 
actually, her exact words were "mads, you look like a hot mess." thank you. 
that's the plan.

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