Saturday, September 7, 2013


i'm wishing for fall - pumpkin spice lattes, clouds, scarves, boots...the like.
{and something funny about boots: men here don't like girls in boots. okay, 
so i'm being entirely shallow right now by speaking on behalf of all men, but really
there was a guy the other day that said how much he hates girls in boots. he doesn't understand
them when girls here can wear sun dresses all year round.}

so, me not wearing boots is totally not going to happen.
i'm a northern californian girl. we wear boots.
we love cool weather.
end of story.

anyhoo, i want fall. so.bad.
and the holidays.
and red starbucks cups.
gingerbread cookies.
i probably shouldn't dream about this list for too long
because it feels as though it's one hundred degrees out...
when really, though, it's almost just that.

i have mounds of reading to do
and my room looks like a closet threw up.
but it's saturday! and i like the weekends when i can
be lazy and not feel too bad about that laziness!

currently the apartment is empty and i am loving pretending that
i have my "own place."
i got a salad and some fruit and brought it home and sat at the little
kitchen table and ate and enjoyed the silence.
angiolina might come over and it'll be nice to have a familiar face around.

oh, and i even got invited to a party here in irvine.
it was a sweet invite, but i kindly declined the guy.
though it did contribute to this whole "i-feel-grown-and-on-my-own" feeling,
and besides, i enjoy pulling the "i'm sorry, i have a boyfriend card," even though
i wouldn't quite claim this title as mine just yet... ;)
it's just been too long since i've pulled that card and it's actually been true! haha.

i'll take my evenings in with the girls and lots of junk food, or even boardgames with
the guys next door, over going out any time.
and yes, last night bri and i did play boardgames with the guys next door and, though i totally lost, it was fun to be with our neighbors and have some guy friends around.

yay for moving up in the world! right?
next up, a possible job interview ;)

happy saturday!

this is the look i wish i could be going for today:


and this is in my ear because i'm obsessed:

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