Wednesday, September 18, 2013

so right now

i'm currently slammed by endless amounts of reading and writing.
i swear, it won't end.
and as stressful and hectic as today was, i've never had a greater
appreciation for my education.
tomorrow is my first bible exam in months and i'm just as nervous
as i was the first time i was tested on the torah last year in a class taught by
this amazing professor from harvard. i say that last part because i felt frightened by
where he had earned his education from.

but i'm learning that it doesn't quite matter where the education comes from,
it only matters how you respect it and how you use it.
right now the work seems to be using me more than anything,
but i'm the one who signed myself up, right?

i was laying on the couch last night with a friend and i was talking on and on
about some story in the bible and what i thought about it.
i was saying how frustrated i feel that no one ever cares to look at just how human everyone was in the imperfect they were.
and i wonder how they felt - figuring out this whole life thing.
they all screwed up. some more than i ever will.

so i suppose it's only fair of me to admit that there is a bit of pride
i take in studying creationism and those that came from it.
right now? well, right now i have no desire to take an exam on the covenants and the torah.
but then i remember that it was this class last year, with a frightening professor from harvard {who turned out to be not so frightening after all} that made me think hmmm maybe, just maybe, i want to be a professor someday too.
i figured it would be in something along the lines of theology
{until i took one too many theology classes and realized that my love hate relationship is far too much to commit my life to classes full of bible lectures}.

who knew that one year later i'd be sitting in my apartment in the middle of orange county,
a declared english major {and loving it},
and studying the old testament all over again.
who knew that i'd still want to be a professor someday...way in the future, i might add.

who knew life would be this crazy and good.
or better yet, this crazy good.

i can't wait to sleep.
and to kick that test in the ass.
and to go home to berkeley boy.
i miss my guy most.

the end.

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  1. I like your (writing) style. Good luck on that test! School is still awesome even though it gets stressful sometimes :)