Thursday, September 26, 2013

today i like:

1. iced coffee
2. nap time
3. legos and hot wheels {because they make all the difference
for a three year old boy during a meltdown}
4. netflix. because it's been my goal every night this week and it 
has yet to happen
5. people who wave or smile. warm greetings are my favorite.
6. fiction. because that's what class is all about today and i can hardly wait.
7. booties and rolled up jeans because
8. men's shoes, too. i'd wear them all if i could.
9. my morning drive to work because early in the morning is the best time of the day.
10. unexpected phone calls from boyfriend, even if i'm almost asleep. they always make me jump up out of happiness.

the end. 

p.s. my life now consists of lots of "child-things" again. 
i love it so much.
once again i'm being taught things that i either forgot or never knew.
the imagination of the little three year old in my life astounds me.

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