Tuesday, September 10, 2013

what to do when it's five a.m. and you find yourself a lot like me.

1. look at your phone, only to find out that it's five a.m. {darn you, sleep}

2. also see that there are three missed calls, six messages, and one voicemail from one very handsome guy that you have been eager to talk to. {darn you, sleep, again}

3. check your online banking, only to realize that money dwindles even faster than you assumed.

okay, word of advice: never check your online banking at five a.m.

why, you may ask?

because if you're basically a screwed up sleeper like i am, numbers will ruin your sleep even more.

sooo, now it's 5:38 a.m. and i am sitting here in the living room, about to finish job applications, well, because of that darn online banking.

i hate money.
not just because i hate numbers.
but because money is a total burden.
and it totally just shouldn't matter.
but it does.

and now it's killed my sleep.
and when six p.m. rolls around, i'm going to hope to god that i'm still awake in class.

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