Thursday, October 10, 2013

happiest of birthdays to a very dear friend.

today is angiolina's birthday.
i am so so blessed to call her a friend.
we've known each other for about seventeen years now
which blows my mind because in another seventeen years
we won't be so young ;)

anyways, we've been through so much good and so much bad together.
but most of it has been wonderful, especially when we've had each other.
only a few people have seen me at my absolute worst, and she's one of them.
i can't list the amount of times we've sat across from each other and confessed everything.

she's definitely one of the first people to get you thinking straight again - at least she does for me.
i just love her so. 
she has defended my name,
brought so much joy to my life,
she's the mischievous side that i never had,
and she is always there.

when i think about who god has hand chosen and molded into
my life i feel so grateful for this particular friendship. 
he's challenged her and i in so many ways - sometimes even simultaneously.

i think that the most beautiful aspect of any relationship is being able 
to do life together and also recognize where god is in all of that.
i have so many memories with this girl - she's been around for as long as i can remember.
but my favorite memories are of our talks when the two of us have both asked
why is god doing this now?!? why do i have to do this?!?

angiolina, the past two years have been a hell of a lot, and yet i am so excited for what nineteen will bring you. i know that god has so much in store for your life - his possibilities are endless.
i pray that nineteen will bring you joy, peace, growth, and blessings. 
you are one of my covenant friends! and i am so blessed by your life and all that you bring to mine.
here's to a lifetime friendship!

i wish that today would be absolutely fabulous.
spoil yourself, let people spoil you, 
and know that you are loved. 


love, madi. 

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