Thursday, October 17, 2013


my friend posted this video on facebook so i decided to watch and, well....
i have been sitting here crying my eyes out.
you all know i've always had a love for proposals.
i'm a sucker for a question asked well - i think i've posted enough of them over the past year.
but, uhm, this one takes the cake.
for reals.
please watch it.
i cried the entire time.
i love when i see that people like this still exist.
i love love
it's a long video but my favorite parts are at 9:40, 15:20 & 22:30.
good lord was i in tears the whole time.
i just want to meet this amazing couple!
so so beautiful.
such a wonderful man,
and she must be one amazing woman.

"i've never been happier. never been sadder. never been more angry. life's never been more beautiful."
"i've never met anyone who inspires me more to be a better human being."
"you're it." this guy a writer or something?

i threw my arms up in the air at this part.
seriously, i wish these two the absolute best.

the thoughtfulness within this whole video is amazing.
seriously one of the reasons i love to write is because of people like this.


some of my favorites that i've posted are... 
& one of my absolute favorites,

source of the video: here

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