Monday, October 28, 2013

things around me lately.

there's a girl in my literature class who
always dresses so classy and adorable.
i needed a friend and i wanted to be her friend
because she just looked so interesting.
not to mention her edition of jane eyre was the prettiest i've ever seen.

anyways, this girl wrote me a note in class just last week.
turns out she wanted to be my friend, too.
so now i have a new friend, and she's adorable and i can't wait
to get to know her more.
i love new people.
and she's just invited me over for macaroons later.

there's this kid from oregon who i had lunch with the other day.
he totally seems like he's from here, so i was surprised to learn that
he is a central oregon kid.
today i saw him when i was leaving campus. he said hello and told
me about his weekend spent surfing.
then he stopped walking and opened the trunk of a car.
as he drove away it occurred to me: so he's the oregonian driving
that subaru.
because, really, every time i saw it i thought that subaru definitely screams pacific north-westerner. 

my next-door neighbors have the squeakiest fridge.
who knew that fridge's could be so loud!
anyways, my roommate and i used to hear this one particular noise
all of the time.
then we learned that it's their fridge.
i like to count the amount of times they open it.
i'd like to think it's a fridge filled with lots of good food because mine never is
and so i never feel the need to open it much.

the baby that i nanny is becoming one of my all time favorite people.
never in my life have i felt so much love from such a little person.
he makes my heart explode every time he wants to be cradled.
i think that a baby nestled in your arms is one of the best feelings ever --
i even had a moment of feeling absolutely sad when i realized just how fast he's growing up.

boyfriend insists that we have a somewhat big, dark colored, athletic, female dog if we ever get the chance to do so.
but my dream dog is a fat, small dog with the personality of a grumpy old man, and the coloring of an english bulldog.

i know a girl who only wants to be a librarian.
she's so certain when she says it, too.
i have never heard anyone else say that this is their
dream profession.
but she loves books more than most people i've met and i admire
her for that.

i have a professor that makes me feel as though i'm in high school alllll over again.
i got called out for being on my laptop and for having my phone out.
she said my name and everything.
whatever happened to college being about self-responsibility and laptops in class?

i enjoy watching the uci students come and go when i spend time over
in the university center.
sometimes i pretend i go to a major university because it makes me feel important
for just a second.
and then i remember i go to the smallest school and after a while i can release my regrets once more.

the end.

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