Tuesday, November 19, 2013

it's "cold" here today

meaning it's averaged about 68...probably.
it's amusing to watch so-cal natives embrace november.
did i mention i went to the beach just two days ago?
no, it wasn't like saying "i'm going to cannon beach!"
where the clothing of choice is a pair of hunters, something from the north face, and maybe something that has a hood...maybe.

no, it was a beach day. bikinis and all.

but today there has been some "rain" as someone told me.
uhm, rain?
you mean like it drizzled out before the sun ever shined?

so it was kind of perfect when a friend of mine
{she's an oregonian alright}
posted this on facebook.
i laughed out loud at each one.
i am no oregonian, but i have a love for the people and for the place.
my family and friend still say to me, i can't believe you lived there!

i can't either.
but i'm so glad i did because now
i can appreciate inside jokes like these.

my favorite is "because this is what oregon looks like 90% of the year"
because i've tried telling people just how gray it looks and no one gets it.

happy tuesday, whether it's raining or shining where you are!
i guarantee it isn't as rainy as oregon. ;)

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