Tuesday, December 31, 2013


i haven't been the best blogger lately, so forgive me for that.
christmas break has been slightly busy-slightly lazy, and both of those have kept me from writing.

on my way home for the holidays i told myself that i would write more, read more, eat at such-and-such restaurant, explore such-and-such place, go to the library as much as possible, bake for an entire day {yeah right}...

i told myself i'd do a lot of things that i really didn't get around to,
and that's okay.
instead, i cannot say how i really passed the time.
i saw people, and went places, and ate lots and lots of food.
but still, this break was missing something--at least that's what it feels like.
and it isn't a bad thing, it's simply just a weird thing.

currently, i should be up and getting ready.
i set my alarm for 6:15 and it is just now 8:00.
this break i have learned to be slow.
i have done everything at a slow pace,
and i have loved it.

my life in southern california is great because it's fast,
but fast eventually slows me down by tremendous amounts--
so here i am, still in bed.

i am taking in these rare, precious moments leading up to seeing boyfriend.
i don't know when i will see him again after tomorrow,
so anticipating him now is wonderful compared to the goodbye's that will come with tomorrow.
i am pleased to say that i got more time with him this break than i had originally anticipated--
all of it was wonderful time spent.

tonight we'll bring in the new year together.
i've never been kissed on new years, nor have i ever traveled
any small or large distance to celebrate.
it'll be a really simple new years, spent with my best friend.
i couldn't be happier about it.

and then tomorrow is 2 0 1 4 .
a whole new year.
i don't know if it's just me, but didn't 2013 seem to just slip away out of our hands
as if it was water?

in 2013 i...

-freaked out in january and decided to uproot myself from oregon and move to southern california, the place i said you couldn't pay me to live in.
-so i found a place to move to. 
-i became a teenager for the last time. 
-i became a sophomore in college! yikes! 
-i went to ROMANIA and MOLDOVA 
-i met boyfriend. {how did i get so lucky?!?!}.
-i moved to southern california and began my semester, and eventually became a nanny {what?!?}
-...and then THIS happened! 

since these things, i've been living my little life as a student/nanny.
i love my days in college,
and i love my major & minor.

life is teaching me so much about myself and people.
and it's teaching me about adapting.
2013 was a year all about adaptation, and surprising myself.

i'm excited for this upcoming year.
there are so many things to anticipate! 
i wish everyone the happiest last day of the year,
and a blessed new year.



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