Tuesday, December 10, 2013

a good laugh {for those who get the humor}

i saw this on facebook, and, well, it's SO TRUE.
most times i cringe when i say that i attend a bible college...
...no, not because it has the word bible in it but because those
who don't attend bible schools tend to have preconceived ideas about them.

perhaps the above link is just ammo for their assumptions
but bible-school-going people will definitely get a laugh out of them.

i did, which was nice because this bible school and its classes are currently
wearing me down with finals.
i think that going to a bible college is like a little club
{all universities are, though}
it's like a club of quirky individuals who are not only trying to survive
college but they're attempting to do so with a lifestyle that completely challenges
the stereotypes of what being in college is.

anyhoo, enough about college.
when is it christmas?!?!

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