Sunday, January 19, 2014

any time they come onto the radio i swear i feel as though i'm in oregon again.

i don't know why this is so,
or maybe i do but talking about music
and the specific memories it reminds me of feels too personal.

i reflect on oregon often.
i smile at the innocence and goodness that
flourished in my life there.

sometimes i want to go back and show
those who know me now the life i once had.
it's like a great little story...a best kept secret that isn't evident
until it's talked about.

i admire the tenacity i gained while there.
and i laugh at the little secrets i left there with and about others.

so when this song--or particular songs like it--come on the radio,
i must sit back, listen, and remember that i actually led the life i led last year.

i'm proud of it.
and sometimes...rarely...i wish to go back and taste it all again,
just to make sure it was real.

and that's the beauty of nostalgia.

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