Saturday, January 11, 2014


sometimes i see photos of couples and i find myself staring at the moment
the moment that the two of them are in...just them.

it's a beautiful, intimate moment,
and i think damn that photographer, capturing such a good moment.

and i also think how'd they get it so right?..the moment so right.

this photo was taken without my knowledge.
it's a bit blurry,
i edited it with instagram,
and this isn't the entire photo.

but when i zoomed in on it earlier, i thought,
so that's what a moment feels like.

i don't remember this picture being taken,
but i do remember looking into his eyes, and shyly allowing him to kiss me at midnight.
and this is probably the silliness that overtook me after the fact due to my shyness.

nonetheless, we were in our own little moment.
the world often stops with him, even though it keeps going.
fortunately, someone caught a glimpse of that moment--
the two of us,
in our own little world,
caught between last year and this year,
and completely falling for one another.

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