Thursday, January 2, 2014

hi, 2014!!!

happy new year!
i spent new years eve and day with boyfriend.
we literally watched about twelve to fifteen hours of breaking bad.

we're a bit obsessed.

anyhoo, while sitting on the couch yesterday, he asked me what my new years resolutions
are and i shyly told him that i couldn't say because they're silly.
but as the day turned into night, i put more thought into my little list and i've decided to write them here. i love lists of any and all sorts, so making this list wasn't too difficult.

in 2014 i hope to read more. being an english major obviously requires endless reading {which i could do better at, too} but i have a stack of beautiful stories on my desk in irvine and a bookshelf full here at home, and i don't want them to go unread any further. i hope to spend my sundays in church again--i miss it. i miss the community of people, and i should be taking advantage of the opportunities that come with attending church while in college. with that, i know i should read my bible more, even if it's merely a chapter--even a verse!--per day. i want to come up with some routine for working on short story writings. i also want to journal/blog more. writing makes my life feel so much smoother, so it baffles me why i don't make more time for it. i'd love to start exercising more, whether it's running when i can or {gasp!} paying for a gym membership. i want to call more, text less with family. write letters to friends i say i'll keep in touch with, but don't. i want to find better ways to cope with the stress of school rather than using it as an excuse for retail therapy! i want to defy long distance relationship stereotypes, and continue to love boyfriend. because loving him is my favorite. i want to find opportunities to be more creative, to work with my hands more, or learn something new {knitting anyone?!}. i want to finish how i met your mother--because i should have months ago. i want to be a better listener, and i want to be slower to anger or to anxiousness. i want to learn how to find quietness and to be content within that quietness. i want to learn to appreciate time, rather than being anxious about it and its pace.

i believe that 2014 will be a year of change and growth.
i loved the changes brought to my life last year, and this year can only be better.
happiest new year, everyone!
i hope that it's a blessed one.


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  1. I absolutely love this! You're a total gem. :)