Saturday, January 4, 2014

i couldn't let berkeley boy out of my sight for even two days.

not if i could help it!
...and i couldn't.

we had said our goodbye's on wednesday...or so we thought.
i spent yesterday in berkeley with my mom.
perhaps she could sense my removed self,
but she eventually asked me about him and i told her--
"i feel homesick. missing him is like being homesick."

she told me to ask him to come.
and i did,
so he did.

he showed up late yesterday evening and we spent most of today together.
i look at him and know for a fact that he is my best friend,
we've both fallen so far over the past five months.
there is endless growth ahead of us--and we know that--so having fear is a bit silly.

but i think of the cost that losing him would be,
and i can't even fathom the numbers and brokenness.

saying goodbye to him is my least favorite thing ever.
but he's still mine,
and we're still in this,
and there are some fears that are necessary but others, like distance, shouldn't be one of them.

until next time,
second semester of my sophomore year now awaits me.


speaking of relationships, someone from my old college posted this on facebook and, though i am nowhere near this list, the traits are something i try my best to strive for. i read and enjoyed what was listed.

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