Friday, January 10, 2014

new things.

i have a new roommate.
she's a bit wonderful, and also the funniest.

she's entirely changed the feel of this room of ours.
we keep the lights off and leave strung lights on.

there's a pretty anthro candle that we constantly burn
and the room smells homelike, always.

there's bits of clutter like perfume and jewelry and make up.
and tea that brews and hums.

the room is cold at night because it's january,
but we keep it warm with pretty blankets and warm lights.

and there's chocolate under my bed from boyfriend,
"wrapped fancy" as my roommate called it.

so living here is nice right now,
and i'm content each night,
having a new friend who likes her living space as i prefer mine.

i miss the warmth, the smells and the homelike feeling that boyfriend brings me,
but this will have to do until i find myself back where he is --
in a pretty city by the bay.

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